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If you would like more information about Seconde Accueil please contact Sarah Gregoire:
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Présentation donnée par Mme Jones et M. Cathcart le 29/11/2016

Seconde Accueil

2nd Accueil at WestminsterThe Section is happy to have developed over the years a way of providing a home for those high-performing French students who have the motivation, ambition and intellectual curiosity to take up the challenge of a bi-cultural education. At the Lycée site, the Section organises a discrete group of up to 15 students at Year 11 level known as Seconde Accueil.

The class is designed for those who have had no experience of English taught as a mother tongue but who have an urge to master the language and to go on studying both Literature and History/Geography in English to a standard comparable to UK Advanced Level.

In Seconde, they continue to study English with a French state teacher while taking on the challenge of literature and history with the British Section (making about 11 periods of weekly learning in English). A special programme in History aims to give the class an overview of British history and culture as it developed in, the twentieth century. In Première and Terminale, they are mixed with the other British Section students in sets preparing the OIB (International Option of the French Baccalaureate).

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