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British Section
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Entry routes into the British Section

Sarah Gregoire

The British Section educates children from age 3 to 18 in one of five French host schools of which the Lycée International is the hub. 

The British Section offers a mother-tongue English curriculum within the context of the French state school system and hence a primarily francophone educational environment.  Pupils of all ages spend about three-quarters of lesson time in a French class learning in French and between 6 - 8 hours per week (depending on the year group) learning in English with British Section teachers. 

The bi-lingual / bi-cultural curriculum (double-enseignement) requires commitment to both the British Section and the French education system.  It is a challenging educational pathway that demands considerable academic ability and intellectual flexibility as well as motivation, engagement and resilience.  Given these demands, as well as the fact that the demand for places far exceeds our capacity to accommodate all candidates, the British Section assesses all pupils who apply.

There are three main routes into the British Section designed to facilitate the integration of students from different linguistic backgrounds into the bi-lingual curriculum:

  1. Fluent English and French speakers - Mainstream classes: Children who already speak both languages fluently will be considered for entry to both the mainstream British Section and French classes. 
    Please click here for Maintream application procedure.

  2. Anglophone students (non-francophone) - Français Spécial: Children who speak little or no French can join the British Section via one of the Français Spécial classes, available from 10ème to Seconde.  This involves an intensive one-year course in French before pupils are integrated into mainstream French classes.  During this year, pupils are also taught in English in the mainstream British Section classes.
    Please click here for Français Spécial application procedure.

  3. Francophone students (pupils learning English as an additional language): Academically able francophone children with the ambition and motivation to study a native speaker English curriculum can enter the British Section through the Fast-track English classes in Le Pecq (starting in 6ème) or, later, through the specialised Seconde Accueil class at the Lycée International.  Depending on satisfactory progress, they normally enter mainstream British Section classes in Seconde and Première, respectively.
    Please click here for Sixième Fast-track application procedure.
    Please click here for Seconde Accueil application procedure.

Sarah Grégoire is in charge of admissions for the British Section and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Click here to view the British Section Admission Policy.