The British Section

The Lycée International St Germain-en-Laye & Partner Schools

Advisory Team

Advisory Team. . . a highly professional and committed team, dedicated to providing the best possible service as their students progress through the various decision-making processes.”

European Director of ISCO (Independent Schools’ Career Organisation) May 2007

The Counselling Service is led and managed by Nick Baker and Sally Naylor.

The key figures in the service, with whom students have most contact, are the application supervisors: Sally Naylor, Nina Lister , Jonathan Taylor and Matthew Tomlinson.

The Application Supervisors hold the first one-to-one interview with each student in the second term of the Première year. They help the student to reflect on possible subjects for university study and future careers, through an exploration of the student’s interests and values. This interview is supported by feedback from the Centigrade Test (an orientation test designed by Cambridge Occupational Analysts and recommended by UCAS, the Universities & Colleges Admission Service).

Towards the end of the Première year, and at the beginning of Terminale, the Application Supervisor helps the student make decisions on the choice of courses and universities. He then supports the student through the application process for the UK, Canada or Ireland. This includes the period following the publication of Baccalaureate results, when university places are finalised.

The Lycée Librarian, Nicola Bullough, is also an important figure in the Service: she manages the substantial career and university resources in the CDI, and helps students to find materials that will further their research.