The British Section

The Lycée International St Germain-en-Laye & Partner Schools

How does the BSPA function?

Via three inter-linked structures:

  • An elected Governing Body (Conseil d’Administration) which  manages the BSPA on behalf of all members. Governors (Administrateurs)) are elected at the BSPA's AGM (see links right) - held every October.
    The Governing Body supports the senior management team in reviewing and approving the development plan and related strategic issues (including internal and external communications and information technology) and in overseeing quality and performance. Its key responsibilities for Finance and Human Resources are managed through two standing sub-committees.

  • The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is the structure through which elected parents and appointed staff organise, co-ordinate and communicate extra-curricular activities across all sites. The Chair of the PTG is automatically a member of the Governing Body.

  • The Primary Forum and the Secondary Forum are informal information and discussion meetings, open to all parents, staff and pupils (Secondary Forum only) to discuss matters of shared interest concerning the educational environment of British Section pupils. They are held once a term and chaired by volunteer parents. Issues arising from these meetings which need further action are referred to the PTG.

What does the BSPA not do?

Matters outside the BSPA responsibility -  e.g. canteen and safety - are dealt with by the French school's Conseil d'Administration (or in some cases by the Conseil d'Ecole as at Maternelle Jehan Alain and the Ecole Felix Eboue). The French Parents Associations on all sites seek participation from all parents at the start of the new school year.