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The Brevet

The Brevet d'Etudes du Premier Cycle is a set of exams taken in all French taught subjects at the end of 3ème (Year 10). British Section pupils also take international option papers in History and English. The Brevet was the original French school leaving certificate when many people left school at the end of collège. Today it is very rare for pupils to leave school so young and over the years the exam has decreased in value. Consequently, it is not compulsory for pupils to take this examination, although many collèges still opt to run it.  

Within the British Section, pupils at the collèges Hauts Grillets and Pierre et Marie Curie take these exams, but pupils at the Lycée site in general do not. Lycée site pupils can opt to take the exams if they wish. Even though the Brevet may no longer have great value, pupils find the experience of sitting external exams in 3ème excellent preparation for the rigours of IGCSE and the OIB.