The British Section

The Lycée International St Germain-en-Laye & Partner Schools


At the end of 2nde (Year 11) British Section pupils take IGCSE examinations in English Literature, English Language and History. Some pupils also opt to take an IGCSE in Mathematics and follow this course in a small group with a private tutor.  The exam board we have chosen to use in recent years is EDEXCEL.
It must be noted that pupils only take exams in subjects covered by British Section teaching. Given that 2nde pupils spend about three quarters of their school time following the French National Curriculum, it is not possible for them to take IGCSEs in all subjects as they would in the UK.
The results our pupils achieve in their IGCSE subjects are particularly impressive, given the fact they have no designated study leave. They sustain a full French subject timetable during the exam period.