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Externé Schools

The many local French schools which make up the ‘externé’ network provide the same entitlement as the programmes of study followed in the Lycée primary classes. An agreement was drawn up with the French school authorities which allowed our students to attend schools following the French national curriculum and which are inspected by the French ‘Inspecteurs de l’Education Nationale’.

The externé system applies only to the Lycée International, not to the Ecole Felix Eboué and the Ecole Jehan Alain in Le Pecq, where British Section children are all full-time as of Maternelle 3 (5 year olds). Those families living in the Le Pecq catchment area are expected to attend the Ecole Felix Eboué (Primary) and the Ecole Jehan Alain (Maternelle 3).  

For a full description of the Externé system, see Nursery and Primary: the Externés page under Lycee International Site.