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If you would like any further information about Fast Track, please contact Catherine Sagne at the College Pierre et Marie Curie:
Tel: 01 39 76 85 93

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Fast Track English

Group 2 StudentsOver the years the British Section has developed ways in which French native speakers who have not lived in an English-speaking country may nevertheless gain access to the bicultural system.
In the Collège Pierre et Marie Curie, the Section has a second class (known as Fast Track) which runs in parallel to the normal mainstream group (known as Bilingual)

Bilingual class

This is exactly the same sort of class as those in the Lycée International or the Collège des Hauts Grillets, catering for children who speak, read and write English absolutely fluently and whose overall level is similar to that which one would find at their age in any good UK School.

Fast Track class

This class targets mainly French pupils who are highly motivated to become bilingual and have a strong academic profile. These children, while they may have had some experience of English in primary school or elsewhere, are not expected to be fluent English speakers when they arrive in 6ème. Some may start with very little English indeed.  Potential and motivation are the essential entry criteria for this level.

A Timeline for Fast Track

Fast Track children start in 6ème on 5 hours of English and 1 hour of History per week, with the same teacher, in a class of 14- 16 pupils. In 5ème, 4ème and 3ème, they follow the normal British Section programme of 4 hours per week of English with an English teacher and 2 hours of History in English per week with a specialist History teacher.
The long term aim is for them to reach a level of fluency where they can successfully integrate the main stream of the British Section. This happens partially in 3ème, when they begin the English IGCSE courses, and continues, given successful progress, from 2nde onwards at the Lycée International.

The deadline for applications to join Fast Track in September 2017 is the 20th of January 2017. Go to Admissions or click on the link on the right "Postuler pour la Sixième Fast Track" to find out how to apply for Fast Track.

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