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Directeur de l’Ecole:
Mr Sébastien Robert

Ecole Félix Eboué

Ecole Felix Eboué

The Ecole Félix Eboué, situated in the Rue de Seine on the banks of the river, provides an exciting opportunity for children between the ages of 6 and 10 to follow the bilingual, bicultural programmes of study. The British Section has been present in the school since 1988 and has established a close working partnership with the French teaching team.

A traditional building, the school stands in pleasant leafy grounds and has easy access to and use of the neighbouring sports fields and gymnasium. The school has a total of 320 pupils of whom approximately 90 attend British Section classes.

There is one British Section class per year group from 11ème/CP to 7ème/CM2. The classes share the same timetable as those on the Saint Germain site which allows the Primary teaching team to move easily between the two schools. In any school year, almost all Primary teachers are present in the school either as a class teacher or providing learning support.

The school day begins at 8h45 and ends at 16h30 with a break of an hour and a half for lunch. The majority of the children eat at the school canteen. The school is closed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The classrooms are bright, lively places of learning and, in addition, extra-curricular activities are organised at lunchtimes by parent volunteers. A ‘DVD, Video and Audio’ club is held every other week after school. The choir is led by our music specialist and there are opportunities for classes to work together on theatre productions.

 A small, friendly school, you can be assured of a warm welcome at the Ecole Félix Eboué.