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Principal, Collège les Hauts Grillets:
Mme Lapouge

Principal Adjointe, Collège les Hauts Grillets:

British Section Site Coordinator:
Claire Allen

British Section Site Librarian:
Catherine Vironda

Welcome to the Collège les Hauts Grillets!

College les Hauts Grillets

We are a French, state-funded middle school for girls and boys aged 11-15. Opened in 1978, the collège has played host to various international sections linked to the Lycée International de St Germain-en-Laye since 1979. Due to expanding pupil numbers, the British Section presence in the school was re-established in 1999. There are currently four international sections on-site; the British, German, Italian and Polish Sections; as well as a European Section. The school is located a short walk from the Lycée International.

There is one British Section class per year group from 6ème to 3ème, each class comprising of 20 students on average, who have 6 hours teaching of English Language and Literature and History in English per week. The rest of the curriculum is delivered in French by Education Nationale staff.

Extra-curricular activities are numerous and varied, including many sports, a school newspaper, choir, nature club and Maths club to name but a few, and are held before and after school or at lunchtimes.

Thumbnail exampleThe British Section maintains a close relationship with the school staff and administration through the provision of a site coordinator whose role is to provide students with pastoral support, communicate to parents and teachers and promote links with French staff and pupils, as well as ensuring the effective operation of all areas of the British Section within the school. There is also an on-site librarian whose responsibilities include managing and updating the English books in the school library.

The Collège les Hauts Grillets is a small school with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Claire Allen