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Directrice de l’Ecole Maternelle Jehan Alain:
Mme Claude Vanel

Ecole Maternelle Jehan Alain

Ecole Jehan Alain

A few minutes walk from the Ecole Felix Eboué, the primary school, this bright, attractive nursery school building successfully combines the traditional with the modern. The British Section has been operating a Maternelle 3/Grande Section Class (Year 1), in the school since 1999 and an active working partnership has been established with our French colleagues.

The Section class which meets twice a week is held in a spacious room which also acts as the school library. The room has been specially designed and equipped for our young learners as has the excellent outdoor play area which affords opportunities for creative, adventurous play.

The school day begins at 8h20 and ends at 16h20 with a break of almost 2 hours for lunch. Many children remain on site and have lunch in the canteen while others prefer to go home.

There is a variety of events organised during the school year in which the Section plays an active role.

A lively, caring community, the Ecole Maternelle Jehan Alain provides a secure environment in which our pupils grow and develop.