The British Section

The Lycée International St Germain-en-Laye & Partner Schools

Governing Body of the BSPA

Officially known as: Conseil d'Administration de l'Association des Parents d'Elèves de la Section Britannique du Lycée International

Catherine Dauger, President

First elected: 2014. Re-elected: 2016. Catherine Dauger
Catherine has dual British and French nationality and is a former pupil of the Lycée, which she attended for eleven years from 10ème to Terminale. Catherine has a joint LLM degree in English and French law from King's College London and a Master's degree in International Management. Catherine started her professional life working for an international law firm in Tokyo and left Asia in 1998 to pursue her legal career in Luxembourg, London and Paris. Catherine transitioned from ‘lawyering’ to banking in 2012 and now works for the Barclays Northern European Corporate Banking front office team. Catherine and her husband Xavier have three children in 4ème (Hauts Grillets), 6ème (Lycée site) and 10ème/CE1 (LI externé). Catherine was very proud to re-join the British Section as parent 20 years after taking the OIB. Catherine has been a Governor since 2014 and has served on the HR Committee, the Communications Working Group and the Stakeholders Matters Working Group.

Bert Moulet, Vice-President and Chair of Human Resources Committee

First elected: 2011. Re-elected 2013, 2015. Bert Moulet
Bert (a Franco-British national) is married to Christine. Together they have three children at the Section - Matthias who is currently in 3ème, and Kanika and Thomas (twins) who are in 6ème. All of their children started at the BS as externé pupils in Maternelle. Bert's family has been with the Section since 2003. Prior to moving to France, he had spent just under a decade in the UK. Among his prior involvement with the Section, Bert was Contact Parent for six years, and PTG Treasurer and member of the Fundraising Committee for three years. At the Governing Board, he has been Vice-President and convenor of the Human Resources Committee since November 2012 and also serves on the Strategy Working Group.

Dorothée Wintle , Secretary

First elected: 2016.Dorothy Wintle
Dorothée is a French lawyer with a joint French/US training and a member of both the Paris and New York bars. She started her career in private practice in Paris with two international law firms (Clifford Chance and Jones Day). Dorothée is currently General Counsel for an investment fund where she is responsible for all the general legal affairs of the group, a role which she has held for 8 years, initially in London and now in Paris.
Dorothée has the pleasure of being married to a ‘brit’, hence the UK connection. She and her husband lived in London where two of their children were born. Oscar is now in CM2 and Jules in CE1 with the British Section at Félix Eboué.


Julie Louette , Treasurer and chair of the Finance Committee

Co-opted: 2013. First elected: 2014, re-elected: 2016 Julie Louette
Julie is married to Gauthier, a French national and former pupil of the Lycée International, and has lived in France for over twenty-five years. Julie and Gauthier have three children and this is their 20th year with the British Section. Their children started as externé in maternelle at the Lycée site and then went through the Le Pecq schools before going up to the Lycée. The two eldest Timothée and Sophie went on to study in London at UCL and LSE. Their youngest son Victor is now in 1ère at the Lycée.
Julie first came to France as a postgraduate Mathematics student on a scholarship from her Cambridge college. She returned later to work for a major French bank where she spent 24 years covering international clients, with two years based in Germany. Julie left the bank in 2012 and decided she would like to give some of her time to the British Section which she knows well and from which her children have all benefited. She took over the webmaster role for the VLE in June 2013 and then became a Governor in November 2013. Julie has been serving on the Finance Committee and Projects/Strategy Working Group. She was appointed Treasurer in October 2015.

Nicolas du Bouëxic, Parent Governor

First elected: 2014. Re-elected: 2016.Nicolas du Bouëxic
Nicolas is a French native, married to Doris and their two eldest daughters are are in 3ème and 5ème at Les Hauts Grillets. The family joined the British Section in September 2011, after 8 years spent in England. Nicolas' third daughter Laetitia is currently in Moyenne Maternelle in the French system. Nicolas is also a former pupil of the British Section, which he joined from 4° to Terminate, arriving from Portugal. Nicolas was in "Anglais Special" at that time. After his studies, Nicolas worked abroad in different countries: Italy, Nigeria, Belgium, UK before settling in France for his daughters' studies. His time as a pupil, and then as parent of pupils of the British Section created for Nicolas a great attachment to the British Section and the Lycée. Nicolas serves on the Strategy Working Group.

Hervé Hervé BruneteauxBruneteaux, Parent Governor

Co-opted: 2013. First elected: 2014, re-elected: 2016
Hervé is a French native, married to Catherine, who is British. After living in the Paris area, they moved as a family further North to Edinburgh in 2005 where they spent five beautiful years until 2010. They have three children in the British Section: Thomas (Terminale – Lycée site), Joseph (2nde - Lycée site) and Alice (6ème - Hauts Grillets). Hervé works in Human Resources and has held various HR positions in international companies. He was a football coach for the British Section for five years. Hervé has been serving on the HR Committee.



Mélanie Conlon, Parent Governor

First elected: 2011. Re-elected 2013, 2015.Mélanie Conlon
Mélanie is a French native, married to an Irishman and who lived in London for 11 years where she studied (PhD in Surface Science) and worked in an IT company. She has three children in the British Section in Le Pecq, Kiann (2°, Lycée), James (6°, PMC), and Aishling (10°, FE). Mélanie serves on the Communications Committee. This is her eighth year with the British Section and her fourth year as a contact parent for James' class. Mélanie serves on the Communications Working Group and is also the British Section representative for APELI.


Manolis Davradakis, Parent Governor
Manolis Davradakis

First elected: 2014. Re-elected: 2016.
Manolis is a Greek native national and married to Sandy. They have two children, Michalis, 6 who is in 11ème/CP and Natalia, 3 who is in Maternelle 3. Manolis has been a Senior Economist at AXA Investment Managers since 2011. Before joining AXA, Manolis worked in Greece as an Economist in the banking sector for six years. Prior to that Manolis lived in the UK for five years originally reading for his graduate studies (MSc-PhD) at the University of Warwick and subsequently working as a Research Fellow at the same university. Manolis has been serving on the Finance Committee and has also been the convenor of the Projects/Strategy Working Group.


Alice Weber , Parent Governor

Elected as Chair of PTG (Parent Teacher Group): 2014Alice Weber. First elected:2016

Alice and her husband, Laurent, have been British Section parents since 2007. Their 4 daughters have between them covered the maternelle, primary, collège and lycée cycles, (LI and Hauts Grillets), their eldest daughter having just come through the OIB and started at the University of Warwick. Since joining the school, Alice has been involved in the British Section community as a volunteer, taking on the roles of contact parent, Beauville Arts Coordinator, Events Coordinator and PTG Chair for the past two years, serving on the Communications Working Group of the Governing Board.
Alice read Modern Languages at Trinity College, Oxford. With experience in financial communications, she now works in Human Resources in the education sector. Alice understands the role of parents and staff in offering British Section pupils exceptional opportunities and hopes to continue to contribute her support to the school as a governor.


Lorna Colclough, Parent Governor
Manolis Davradakis

First elected: 2016.
Lorna has two children in the British Section at Félix Eboué, Eliana and Amael Mordchelles-Régnier. Lorna is truly binational, bilingual and bicultural: Lorna was born and raised in Britain but is now a French civil servant with ten years of public service in the health sector. Lorna believes in the values of “intérêt général” and equal access that found the French national education system but also in the British system’s more person-based approach where personal opinions and debate, self-esteem, teamwork and extra-curricular activities are considered important in developing well-rounded individuals.