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Our Service

Oxbridge Trip Our students face an exciting and bewildering range of choices as they prepare to leave school and go on to university. What should they study? Where should they study it – in France, Britain, Canada? Perhaps in two different countries?

The British Section University Counselling Service helps students to think their way through this range of choices. The Service helps all Section students to explore their future career and study choices and this process begins towards the end of Seconde. We specialise in the UK university system and in the International Option of the Baccalaureate as an entrance qualification.

We provide students with the advice and resources that will help them to make their choices. These resources are available through the school’s VLE, Moodle. We cannot and do not tell students what they should do; we aim to stimulate their reflection on what they want (which sometimes follows discussion on what they don’t want!) and to induce them to assume responsibility for their own futures.

Students report back regularly to their advisors during the process. We are keen that the parents are fully aware of what is going on, so a good deal of effort goes into communicating with them as well as with students. We hold information meetings which are aimed at students and their families together. Parents are also welcome to attend the students’ individual meetings with the Application Supervisor, if this is felt to be appropriate.