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PTG Fundraising

Fundraising has always been a major part of British Section life. The children love taking part in fundraising initiatives which provide not only an opportunity to learn but also help them discover that giving is not just about making money – it’s also about giving their time for the benefit of others.

Ladybird Stand

Their efforts are always extremely well-supported by hard work from parents for whom such occasions as the recent Christmas Fête provide a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends, all in a good cause. Teachers too lend their precious support bringing a pedagogical aspect with such projects as, “Operation Ladybird” launched by the 7ème pupils in 2009/2010, to help raise money for the Muktangan School and the One! International school for street children in Mumbai, India (see Insites May 2010 N° 97 or and

The money in the British Section Fundraising account comes largely from the Christmas and Summer (Lycée on Fête) Fêtes organised by Club International from which the Section keeps 35% (Christmas) and 65% (Summer) of the money raised on our stands. 5061 € was raised by the Section in 2009/10

Added to this is a wide range of fundraising activities which bring in extra revenue, mostly for charities, including ‘L’Arbre à Pain’, The Roald Dahl Foundation and France Alzheimer.

Who are we?

The Fundraising account is managed by the PTG fundraising group which is composed of the Director of the British Section, the PTG Fundraising co-ordinator and PTG treasurer, representatives from the Lycée, Hauts Grillets and Le Pecq sites and the current Club International representatives. Any parent, teacher or pupil from any site can request money from the fund for a particular project or make a suggestion as to how the money can be spent to best benefit all British Section pupils.