The British Section

The Lycée International St Germain-en-Laye & Partner Schools


Pastoral Care

The British Section is committed to the development and well-being of each pupil. Our teachers are attentive to pupils' individual needs both emotional and academic. While pupils spend only about a quarter of their school time in classes taught by British Section teachers, we regard it as an essential part of our job to remain informed about progress across the whole curriculum.

Successful StudentsThis liaison with the French teaching team is assisted bu a standard feature of the French educational system - the conseil de classe, or termly meeting of those teaching a particular class. This enables staff to compare notes on the class as a whole and also to analyse the progress of individual students. Feedback from those meetings enables us to follow concerns with pupils and/or parents and in Secondary classes with the French form teacher, or professeur principal.

Within the Section there is a strong sense of continuum from the Early Years through to the Lycée cycle. The Section's customised database facilitates the recording of pupil information and its transfer to the next teacher.

In the Maternelle and Primary classrooms we endeavour to create a happy, secure environment where the pupils acquire the skills and aptitudes of learning so that they may develop their full potential in every sphere. There is a strong home-school partnership and parental involvement in their child's education is active and purposeful.

In the secondary collège cycle, pastoral support to pupils is coordinated by a member of staff with this specific responsibility – the Deputy Director at Pierre et Marie Curie, the site coordinator in the case of the Collège des Hauts Grillets and a teacher with this specific responsibility on the Lycée site. They work in close collaboration with the Headmaster in the management of pupils transferring to the lycée (post 16) cycle.

In the senior school (Years 11 – 13), a comprehensive counselling service is operated by senior staff who advise on the appropriate choice of baccalaureate course (in Seconde/Year 11). Most importantly, specialised guidance is provided on careers and universities and, in particular, detailed management of university applications. The Section is a member of ISCO and the team is in permanent contact with universities in the UK.