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Children WorkingThe programmes of study followed in the Maternelle and Primary classes form a solid and structured continuum of the literacy skills. There is a core development of the Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing skills which remain central to everything that is being done in each class.

The Speaking and Listening skills are particularly important within the bi-lingual programme.  They are an essential foundation upon which reading and writing can be built. They encourage the development of vocabulary and strengthen syntax and grammar. Across these skills the pupils are establishing skills of thinking and communicating with others.

The powerful literary environment which surrounds the children with the written word – signs, posters, books – encourages the pupils to become confident and independent readers.  From the beginning, in Maternelle, and throughout their Primary years the teachers are using the books to promote reading which is critical and reflective with pupils expressing their ideas and opinions about characters, plot, setting and style.

From the earliest years our young writers employ a variety of writing styles recognising different genre. They are shown how format, style, register and tone vary in different texts. The teacher facilitates the writing process by establishing clear criteria for success ensuring that the writer understands the purpose of the piece and the intended audience. Real life models are used to demonstrate the quality of the content, composition, language and presentation. Early intervention and the individualised conferencing process give our young writers immediate feedback allowing them to reflect on their achievements and to address their future targets.

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