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Extra Curricular Primary

Dancing at Burns Supper

Theatre and Music

There is a strong tradition of theatre and music and each year there are opportunities for pupils to participate in different events.  These may be class performances associated with the work of the class. For example the 10° class topic will come alive on stage when they dramatise one of the Fairy Tales they have been exploring.  The Christmas Pantomimes and the Summer Shows have become annual events.

Musical performances, as part of the Fête de l’Ecole at Félix Eboué, give our pupils the opportunity to contribute to whole school projects. 

Singing at Burns SupperThe Burns' Supper: each year, the primary pupils perform a programme of traditional songs and dances at the Burns' Supper organised by the Twin Town Association of St Germain and Ayr, Scotland.

Additional music activities, during class time are provided for pupils in 11ème/CP and Maternelle 2 under the guidance of Jules Harding, our music specialist.