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School Trips

The challenge of the bilingual curriculum leads the school to restrict the number of trips and outings (with the inevitable absence from lessons they imply) during term-time.  This said, the traditional three-day trip to London for theatre-going and cultural sight-seeing is offered to Year 10 (French Troisième) every January.  This year – also in January – all our Year 8’s (French Cinquième) have spent three days in England visiting castles as part of a history project.  A weekend trip to a UK destination (this year, Manchester) is offered to the students of the Seconde Accueil class.  During the February half-term holidays, younger secondary children had the chance to take part in the annual trip to the Isle of Wight in order to stage a specially scripted play in a real theatre.

Day trips, or half-day trips to Paris or places of interest in northen France (the Somme battlefields, for example) are a regular feature of the section's Secondary programme. The Eurostar has also made it possible for older students and teachers to hop over to London for the day - to visit the Globe Theatre, for example, or the Houses of Parliament.

Projected British Section School trips 2013/14
Year Group
5ème Castles Trip - History *
3ème London - English Litterature & British Culture
2nde WWI Battlefields Trip - History *
Terminale OIB Revision Week-end *
2nde Accueil London - English Litterature & British Culture *
2nde Istanbul & Galllipoli
* trips are planned to accomodate the whole year group (all site) or class