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Welcome to the Secondary Department of the British Section! We are a thriving department of seven English teachers, five History Teachers and one Geography teacher, all of whom have been trained in the UK educational system.
Pupils in the British Section spend just over two thirds of their time studying the French National curriculum with French teachers and the rest of their time in British Section classes. At collège level (Years 7-10) pupils spend four hours per week with their English teacher and two hours with their History teacher. At lycée level (Years 11-13) the History hours increase to four hours a week, totalling 8 hours per week in British Section classes. Some of these extra History hours are spent studying Geography in English.
At collège level, British Section classes broadly follow the requirements of the British National Curriculum and the requirements of the French authorities.  This while always recognising the need to place learning in an international context. In 3ème and 2nde (Years 10 and 11) pupils prepare for their IGCSEs in English Language, English Literature. In History students are prepared for the French national leaving certificate – the brevet in 3ème and the IGCSE exam in 2nde. In 1ère and Terminale (Years 12 and 13), pupils work towards their leaving examination: the International Version of the French Baccalaureate (OIB) which has been developed by UCLES and the French Ministry. This unique exam requires pupils to add their two English taught subjects (English Literature and History-Geography), to all the normal subjects of the French Baccalaureate. It is the only bi-lingual examination of its kind and has no exact equivalent. We believe that our pupils carry the same load as four-subject 'A' Level candidates.

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