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What is the British Section report?
The British Section report offers an opportunity for teachers to communicate directly and formally with families on the work of pupils. It complements the French bulletin: the two reports together give the pupil the benefit of French and British approaches to assessment and reporting, reflecting the bicultural mission of the Section within the Lycée International, the Collège Pierre et Marie Curie and the Collège des Hauts Grillets.

The bulletin reflects French assessment culture in focusing on the pupil’s average mark  for the term relative to the average mark of the class, and offering a short comment in French. The British Section report reflects British assessment culture by giving a diagnostic, holistic view of the pupil’s work without indicating the average marks for each term, and allowing the teacher to write at some length, in English.

The British Section report aims to give an analytical account of

  • the strengths of the pupil’s current work, and the progress made;
  • what the pupil should do to improve further.

As these two objectives suggest, the British Section report is not only summative, like the bulletin, but also formative. Seconde reports are written early enough in the year to give students formative guidance in their final weeks of work and revision. Première reports are an opportunity, at mid-point in the OIB course, to advise students how to adjust their approach so that they can start Terminale with confidence. Troisième reports are summative in the sense that they come at the end of the French collège cycle, and formative in the sense that they come mid-way through the IGCSE programme and can offer advice for the successful completion of the programme in Seconde.

6ème, 5ème and 4ème reports also have a formative role in the sense that, while closing the current year, they also offer advice on how to approach the next one. Pupils can use them as a source of ideas for personal targets at the beginning of the new school year. This formative use of reports reinforces the sense that education in the British Section is a continuum, rather than a series of separate and detached years.

The report can draw upon all aspects of the pupil’s work:

  • written work
  • oral work and general participation
  • work habits
  • attitude
  • achievement in relation to perceived potential

It can also record extra-curricular achievements (e.g. drama, music, sport).

The British Section reports are read by site coordinators, who add a comment, and curriculum leaders. This ensures that those with pastoral or curricular responsibility have an overview of the progress and achievement of pupils within the Section.